About Us

Al-Bilal Education and Welfare Trust (Al-Bilal EWT) is a social responsibility initiative, not-for-profit NGO formed with the sole purpose of supporting the community through halal and charitable means.

The immediate task being undertaken by Al-Bilal EWT is to garner and mobilise funds for constructing a masjid in Mahape area of MIDC, Navi Mumbai.

Al-Bilal EWT also aims to extend financial aid to deserving families and individuals, primarily in the field of religion, child education, medicine, gradually expanding the reach to include other social causes in the future.

We truly believe that the functioning of Al-Bilal EWT totally depends on crowd sourcing of donations and charity. The generous donors are our only assets.

For further details on our various other activities, kindly refer the Projects section on this website.

Our belief: it’s not you who is doing it… it is ALLAH who has chosen you to do it…