Our current Appeal are in respect to the following:

  1. Masjid construction – we are collecting donations for constructing a masjid in Mahape, MIDC, New Mumbai area. The land purchase formalities including its registration is completed. Actual construction is yet to commence. The formalities of obtaining various permission from the concerned authorities as well as finalizing the structural design are in progress.
  2. Zakat collection
  3. Fitra collection
  4. Sadaqa collection
  5. Fi sabilallah donation
  6. Medical cases
  7. Educational cases
  8. Interest collection – Al-Bilal EWT will have this as an ongoing appeal to our fellow brothers and sisters in Islam. Kindly consider donating your saving bank’s interest amount to us. Though consider us only after your have considered your near and dear ones. If there are, they have far more rights on this amount than us.
  9. Others