Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance for Poor & Orphan Students

As salaamu alaikum wa rehmatullahe wa barakatuhu.

Hope you are doing well by the grace, mercy and blessings of Allah (Glorified & Exalted be He)

Alhamdulilah Allah has again blessed us with an opportunity to assist students who are from extremely poor background including some orphans studying in “Elite School” in Hyderabad.

These students even being very brilliant in studies due to poor financial background are unable to pay the fees and are on the risk of being expelled from school due to non payment of fees.

Lets do our part by helping them by at least paying their fees so that they can continue their studies In sha Allah and shape their future by the mercy & blessings of Allah alone.

“Elite School” is located in Hyderabad and tries its best to help students by giving Uniform for free and showing leniency for students who are unable to cope up with the expenses.

I have attached the image having names of students on the School Letter Head and the individual outstanding fees. In all we have fees of 21 students to be paid which is coming to Rs 1,88,600/- (One Lakh Eighty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Only)

Note : Even contribution of Rs 100/– goes a long way in helping the needy

I request our brothers and sisters to come forward and help the students in need. This work is done for the sake of Allah alone and we expect reward only from Allah In sha Allah.

You may transfer your contribution in bank account given below

Account Name : Al Bilal Education and Welfare Trust

Account No : 6627002100002893
Account Type : Current
Bank Name : Punjab National Bank
Bank Branch : Koperkhairane
IFSC Code : PUNB0662700


Once you have transferred the amount please send an email with transaction reference number on [email protected] and [email protected] for acknowledgement and confirmation