Al Bilal Education & Welfare Trust

Al-Bilal Education and Welfare Trust (Al-Bilal EWT) is a social responsibility initiative, not-for-profit NGO. It was established in 2015 with the sole aim of serving the community and the most deserving.

Like minded group of professionals felt the need to come together and join hands for the sake of ALLAH and serve the community through financial aid.

Al-Bilal EWT trustees and volunteers are individuals with deep rooted interest in establishing a common platform for serving the community with the primary purpose of seeking the pleasure of ALLAH. A platform where community’s religious, educational, medical and social needs are addressed.

In our endeavor to reach out to as many deserving families and individuals in our community, Al-Bilal EWT takes this opportunity and appeals to the affluent among us – PLEASE DONATE GENEROUSLY – (we accept sadaqa, zakat, fitra, fi sabilillah donations as well as interest money)

Join us and be part of our humble mission… in sha allah, together we will make a difference…

Kindly use Donate option and indicate your intention. We will strive and do our best to ensure your contribution is utilized for the cause of your choice.

The Projects section on this website provides further insight of our activities and current initiatives.