Current/Ongoing Projects

  1. Iftar arrangement – We have been making iftar arrangement since past few years in Mhape area in which 50 – 60 brothers attend. You can check “Sponsor an Iftar” section for more details.
  2. Masjid construction – We are constructing a masjid in Mahape, Navi Mumbai area. The land purchase has been done and construction is in progress. We are in need of 8 lakh rupees to complete the pending work and intend to make it ready before 20th Ramzan so that Itikaf can be done this year In sha Allah. You can contribute by visiting our “Donate” section

Below materials and costs along with miscellaneous expenditures comes around Rs 8 lakh

Building Contractor
Fitting Labour
Cement Cover
Staircase grills
Overhead shed
Cement & sand
Wazu khaana shed

Upcoming Projects

  1. Zakat collection 
  2. Fitra collection 
  3. Sadaqa collection 
  4. Fi sabilallah donation 
  5. Medical cases 
  6. Educational cases –